In the fast developing world of IT it is important to stay up to date. In our expert courses you will gain valuable knowledge for your daily work.

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Secupro Non destructive entry training

This course focusses on the non-destructive opening of security doors with the Ultra Sonic Lock Decoder, i.e. decoding the lock and constructing a proper working key.

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MOBILedit Phone Forensics

MOBILedit offers training with a comprehensive overview of how MOBILedit works, as well as guided instruction on the usage of every function and feature. Training involves putting theory into practice with Forensic Express, so the user will be able to confidently investigate any supported phone or data source using Forensic Express with expertise.

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Belkasoft Evidence Center Training

The purpose of this training is to give attendees a deep knowledge not only about the Evidence Center, but also about the techniques used and a methodology of digital forensic analysis and much more.

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OpenText Building an Investigation with EnCase

This course builds upon the skills covered in the DF120 – Foundations of Digital Forensics course and enhances the examiner‘s ability to work efficiently through the use of the unique features of EnCase®.

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