Elcomsoft PW Recovery, Decryption, Mobile Forensics

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Why come?

Attendees will accumulate and further develop knowledge on mobile forensics, password protection and data encryption in this course. It is aimed at developing the knowledge and experience of digital forensic investigators, law enforcement personnel, e-discovery and IT security specialists.

Course components

Mobile forensics

  • Working with iOS devices, iOS data analysis
  • Working with BlackBerry and Windows devices
  • Extraction and analysis of WhatsApp data
  • Extraction and analysis of data from Google accounts
  • Basics for encryption and hashing, protection of data/passwords
  • Decryption methods

Desktop forensics

  • Easy wireless cracking
  • System protection and disk encryption (Windows, Mac OS X, …)
  • Document and system passwords
  • Advanced technologies
  • Distributed password recovery

Course requirements

Students should have at least a basic knowledge in mobile and computer forensics and should bring their own laptop.

Qualifications attained

  • Detailed knowledge of mobile forensics, desktop forensics, password protection and data encryption
  • Mastering modern technology for password recovery, mobile forensics, data extraction and decryption


All participants will receive official certification from Elcomsoft after successfully completing the course.


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