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The role of digital evidence in solving cases is increasing exponentially. Forensic examiners, first responders and investigators must collaborate effectively and move quickly to gather evidence and make it actionable. And that means empowering more people with more capabilities.

UFED InField is a flexible, platform-agnostic solution that gives field personnel the tools to quickly extract and analyze digital evidence with a forensically sound process. Whether deployed in-car on a rugged device or at a police station, border checkpoint or airport, first responders and investigators can get actionable insights when minutes matter most. Intuitively designed and requiring only minimal training to use, this solution allows authorized users to capture only the most relevant information, maintaining the integrity of the data while accelerating the investigation.

Additionally, UFED InField helps reduce case backlogs on forensics labs and improve workflows for the people who need real data in real time. When used in conjunction with the Centralized Management System, you can manage and update all InField deployments from a single point, helping to reduce ongoing system maintenance costs. UFED InField has the power to change the way your team works, including the speed at which cases are solved.

Capabilities & Benefits

Get real-time access to digital evidence

Forensically sound, real-time extractions improve decision making in the field and help reduce case backlogs. Authorized field personnel can directly extract passwords, disable or bypass user locks and decode data from more than 1,500 mobile applications in minutes.

Deliver forensically sound evidence

Built on the proven UFED platform, this purpose-designed digital forensics software solution supports the widest variety of device types and provides simplified, intuitive workflows to prevent unnecessary errors or contamination of evidence.

Choose the right platform for your team

This all-in-one solution is flexible across different platforms and work environments. Experience the benefits of UFED InField, whether it’s in-car or in the field on a ruggedized laptop or tablet, or installed on a kiosk at police station, border checkpoint or airport.

Fast-track evidence collection and qualification

UFED InField lets you select and extract only the data you need. Automatic device detection makes it easy to find the right workflow by device type. Simply identify and set specific parameters, making extraction times faster and analysis simpler.

Increase digital consent

Preserve privacy and access only the data that’s relevant. Use the quick copy function so witnesses and victims can immediately share specific information that’s relevant to the case – nothing more. Investigators get the evidence they need with greater speed and ease.

Ensure evidentiary integrity

When used in combination with the Centralized Management System, administrators can manage from a single point of control and simplify ongoing system maintenance by remotely publishing software updates, configuration modifications and user permission profiles. Gain full visibility into user activity, statistics and devices processed to ensure optimal use of your forensic investments.

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