Rapid Imager

Rapid Imager

Spend less time imaging, more time analysing

SPEKTOR is designed with the capability to be expanded via additional modules. These modules provide extra functionality and work seamlessly with the SPEKTOR platform.

Incredibly fast


Peer reviewed


Whether in the field or in the lab, SPEKTOR Rapid Imager can shave hours off the time taken by traditional forensic imaging solutions.

For maximum flexibility and minimum time on target, use SPEKTOR Rapid Imager to acquire allocated only, unallocated only or full linear images.

SPEKTOR Rapid Imager produces forensically peer reviewed AFF4 image files which include full hash verification and validation.

Images created with SPEKTOR Rapid Imager can be used with integrity by any digital forensic tool using the software supplied with SPEKTOR Rapid Imager.

Super Fast Imaging


For further information please contact us or visit https://www.evidencetalks.com.

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