Plus Field Kit


The KIT consists of:

  • SuperImager Plus Forensic 8" Field Unit with Dual Boot Enabled - i7 Edition (i7 4th generation CPU, 256GB SSD, 16GB internal memory), an extremely fast Forensic Imaging device (Run Hash authentication @ 31GB/min with SSD, @ 10GB/min with 1TB WD Blue), and a mobile forensic platform unit.
    • Built-in with 8" Touchscreen color LCD display, 4 SAS/SATA-3 ports, 6 USB3.0 ports, 1Gigabit Ethernet port, e-SATA port, HDMI Ports, Display Port, and Audio Ports.
    • In one read pass over the "Suspect" Hard Disk Drive, the SuperImager application can achieve: Forensic Imaging with E01 compress, Encryption AES256, 3 parallel Hash Authentication (MD5, SHA1, SHA2), on the fly Keyword Search and Saving Images to 2 external Hard Disk Drives, external compact mobile USB3.0/eSATA TB RAID storage devices, and to a local Network.
    • The Unit also can be used to erase hard disk drives and USB storage devices, supporting DoD and Security Erase protocols. The application can generates a detailed log files and erase certifications. DoD and Security Erase protocols are NIST 800-88 compliance.
    • The Unit supplied and pre-configured with Dual boot Linux/Windows.
  • 1394A/B Dual Port Express Port adapter (capture data from 1394 devices)
  • Expansion Box (Express Card Reader and SCSI LVDS ULTRA 320 controller pre-installed)
  • SCSI Kit - Supports capture data from 2 SCSI Hard Disk Drives
  • Express Card Reader pre-installed in the Expansion Box (Supports capture data from memory cards, 1394A/B, Mini-PCIE adapters, M.2 NGFF adapters)
  • Rugged and rolling IM2500i case, customized foam, with a lid organizer
  • Essential Accessories

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