Oxygen Forensics Viewer


Oxygen Forensic® Viewer is a stand-alone tool for viewing and sharing information collected with other Oxygen Forensic® products. Oxygen Forensic® Viewer uploads .ofb backups made in Oxygen Forensic® Detective or Oxygen Forensic® Analyst and .ocb backups generated in Oxygen Forensic® Cloud Extractor. The software allows accessing the complete set of evidence including deleted data and applications extracted from mobile devices and cloud services.

  • Oxygen Forensic® Viewer has an easy-to-use interface to which users got accustomed utilizing other Oxygen Forensic® products.
  • Oxygen Forensic® Viewer displays all the device evidence: contacts, messages, calls, calendars, notes, tasks, whole file system, user dictionaries, Wi-Fi connections history, passwords, etc.
  • Applications data parsing is one of the best-in-class for mobile forensic solutions: account details, contacts, calls, chats, geo data, cached files, logs from apps.
  • Oxygen Forensic® Viewer helps to uncover deleted records: calls, messages, pictures and more.
  • Oxygen Forensic® Viewer displays acquired geo data coordinates and allows the user to receive maps and addresses. The user can even export them to Google Earth!
  • Rich data sorting and filtering capabilities are available in every section of Oxygen Forensic® Viewer.

Oxygen Forensic® Viewer licensing

A free copy of Oxygen Forensic® Viewer can be downloaded from your customer area by registered users of Oxygen Forensic® Detective products. 

The link to the customer area can be found in Service menu of the Oxygen Forensic® product.

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