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What is Nimbus?

Nimbus is an off-the-shelf software solution that consists of Case Management, Reporting,
Evidence Tracking, Technology & Workflow Orchestration/Automation and Quality & Audit Management.
Nimbus also has the option of running Cross-Case Analytics.

Technology or workflow orchestration/automation is an agent-based system that allows users to automate tasks
in the lab on whatever machine is available. Designed to add consistency and defensibility to standard tasks such
as imaging and indexing.

Quality management allows the lab to start working towards accreditations and standards such as ISO17025.
Tracking staff competencies, training and peer reviews alongside validation of software and hardware means
that a lab can be completely managed from one system.

Can I customise it to work in the way we work?

Absolutely. Nimbus has been designed as a framework to fit with whatever your workflow is. You can customise fields,
language, colour themes, automation workflows, reporting structures and much more.
Nimbus is not here to tell you how to work, it simply helps manage and audit how you currently work.
It is designed to allow the investigator to investigate by doing all the high risk and time consuming repetitive tasks.


Which Applications will Nimbus Automate?

Nimbus will orchestrate any Application with a command line access or API. Nimbus can also
queue & join tasks together to run sequentially. As an example, you can image a hard disk, process it,
search for specific data and then export the results to a Review Application – without any human input.
If no command line is available, a manual task can be created to enable the user to track work outside of the automation framework.

What software/hardware do I need?

Nimbus can be either ran on a single box or it can be deployed in a virtual environment.
A standard installation consists of Microsoft SQL, IIS & Elasticsearch. Nimbus has a small resource requirement meaning
that hundreds of users can be hosted on a single piece of hardware whether it is set up
in the cloud, on a server in your corporate network or air-gapped in your lab environment.

What happens to our existing case information?

Regardless of what Case Management system you are using, whether a home grown Access database or
an excel spread sheet or a commercial software application, Nimbus can transfer your data so there is no data loss to on-going operations.

What is the Cross-Case Analytics capability?

As an option, Nimbus can put all the information concerning a case into an Elasticsearch database and
enables instant search and analytics across both a single and also all of your historical cases. 
Additional POLE and other information of interest can also be added to this database generating a rich database of information
to run network and other more complex analytics.

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