Forensic Imaging is at best just as fast as the suspect disk can be read.
The only way to increase the speed is to creat images as much as possilble at the same time. For this the GeCo was developed.
This system allows to copie eight data medium at the same time aswell. Eight internal Writeblocker with PCle, SATA, IDE, SAS, USB and FireWire interface provide much more flexibility. 

Because by eight times simultaneous Imagen huge amounts of data the GeCo will be equipped with a storage unit of 1760 TB.
Through the simple IceTray coolers under the forensic Tableau T356789iu Bridge the source hard disks are actively air-cooled and passively supported by their aluminum cooling ribs. Thus, a reading of the hard drives with maximum speed is guaranteed.

Write blocked connections


Hardware examples

  • 12-Core Intel® Xeon® Gold 6126 prozessor
  • 12x SEAGATE EXOS X12 Enterprise Capacity 12TB 512e 7200rpm
  • Intel Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X520-SR2 with 2x LC Fibre Channel Ports
  • 8x Tableau T356789iu

These specifications are standard specifications. All devices are individually configurable.


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