Dark Cloud


Is the Darknet still a blind spot for your organisation?

The anonymity of the Darknet has proven to attract criminal minds that discuss subjects and opportunities that threaten your organisation, country, city, brand or product.
Until now using this open but very much unorganized set of data was hard. The DarkCloud Darknet dataset, with millions of pages from the Tor hidden services and updated daily, will get you instantly tapped in and deliver you the opportunity to learn, prevent, detect and investigate.

Darknet trades take place on the Darknet Markets. By hooking into the DarkCloud Darknet Markets dataset, you are kept up to date on all activity in these environments within a single place.


Key Features

  • Darknet Search Engine
    The secure browser based User Interface offers a full featured Darknet search engine, including advanced query features, categorization, filtering and drill downs, dashboards and visual navigation.

  • API Access
    Use our secure API to integrate Darknet and Darknet Markets search in your own services.

  • Data Snapshots
    Snapshots of the raw data and derived dataset can be delivered on request.

  • Notifications
    Instantly get notified if a specific person (nickname, phone number or bitcoin address), city, organization or event is mentioned on the Darknet and be alerted when new activity is detected.

  • Insights
    Get custom insights and discover trends via smart dashboards.
    Find hotspots where vendors and buyers meet and dissect their online network.

  • Search
    Use full text search to explore millions of Darknet documents and extracted entities like bitcoin addresses, user names and risk factors.

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