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Searching seized computers is a slow process, consuming valuable man-hours, delaying availability of evidence, and causing backlogs in many digital forensics labs.

Automated scans using MD5 hashes of known illegal content, such as illegal images of children or terrorist handbooks, are a valuable tool for finding evidence quickly and minimising the need for forensic analyst time. Such scans take many hours, or even days on devices with high capacity storage or slow external interfaces.

Cyan Forensics is building a new generation of tools that can scan devices in minutes. As well as dramatically accelerating processing, these tools are fast enough to use for triage on-site or in the lab, helping to prioritise analysis of devices that are known to contain contraband.

Cyan Collector allows a forensic analyst to build Contraband Filters from original material such as images, videos and document files.

Contraband Filters are used in Cyan Examiner and Cyan Responder to rapidly identify if a computer or drive contains files matching the original material.

Cyan Collector is a desktop tool that creates Contraband Filters by computing information derived from original material.

Contraband Filters are to Cyan Forensics what hashsets are to an MD5/SHAx hash search. In addition to search speed, Contraband Filters have a number of advantages.

The Contraband Filter file format is inherently secure — it’s not possible to extract useful information about the contents.

Contraband Filters can be merged using Cyan Collector, so investigators can use up-to-date locally sourced data (e.g. from a current case) alongside larger national databases. Unlikely other blacklist formats search speed does not decrease as the Contraband Filter size increases.


  • Build a Contraband Filter from your own data
  • Quickly add newly discovered files
  • Easily use national and local datasets in your investigations


  • Build and merge Contraband Filters
  • Simple user interface
  • Use on Forensics PC

Evaluation options

  • Request an online demo
  • Hardware Evaluation Kit (includes ready to test hard drives, and full instructions to test using your own data)

Buying options

  • Annual license subscription with USB dongle
  • “Examiner Plus” bundle
  • Starter Pack with Cyan Examiner, Cyan Responder & Cyan Collector

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