Axiom Cloud


Recover and analyze data from the cloud

As device encryption becomes more powerful, examiners need to rely on device back-ups, chat history, and account information stored in the cloud.

Retrieve data from services including Facebook, Office 365, Google apps, iCloud, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Dropbox, Box, Outlook and more.

Find more cloud evidence

Cloud data contains everything from chat history and pictures, to PDF documents and Excel spreadsheets.

AXIOM is the only solution that leverages both computer and mobile artifacts when reviewing cloud data. This unique capability enables examiners to find more cloud evidence than other cloud forensics solutions.

Visualize connections between cloud services, devices and files

Connections lets examiners discover how cloud data is related to computer or smartphone data and learns all the locations that a file exists. Connections also identifies social media contacts and how they are connected to suspects.

Investigating the corporate cloud

AXIOM Cloud lets investigators access Office 365 accounts with administrator credentials and selectively acquire evidence. AXIOM Cloud preserves valuable metadata and recovers audit logs.

Access cloud accounts without a password

AXIOM Cloud extracts and ingests third-party tokens and keychains from mobile devices, allowing investigators to access cloud and social media accounts without requiring a password.

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