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Build knowledge and share intelligence
Griffeye’s Analyze Collaboration Server Enterprise provides a central database and comprehensive toolkit for effectively processing and analyzing massive volumes of data. This highly structured, quality-controlled repository enables files to be easily accessed across an organization and extracted with ease in new investigations. With the number of image and video files at an all-time high, CS Enterprise helps investigative teams convert this information into a valuable, actionable intelligence.

For organizations pursuing ongoing investigations, CS Enterprise provides a dynamic repository for building intelligence over time.


A central repository for building and sharing intelligence
Analyze Collaboration Server Enterprise enables organizations to store and access all the relevant material they have ever collected. With the best-available image and video processing, and an intuitive user interface, investigators can quickly and easily start working with the centralized information.

Top Features

  • Accumulate knowledge
    Stored knowledge becomes an asset for the future and can be used by new people on their first day. It also means that knowledge remains in an organization when individuals leave.
  • Manage, organize and build intelligence
    The dashboard view gives an easy overview and control of the information and the collaboration. Collect insights and increase the overall intelligence of the organization.
  • Scale to your needs
    Rapidly and intelligently process huge volumes of images and video. The information is also stored and accumulated over the longterm to deliver fast, accurate
  • Share informations
    Share information easily between colleagues and offices as well as across organizational and national borders. To maximize the skills, perspectives and knowledge of everyone involved.

Resources included in Analyze CS Enterprise

MyGriffeye – User Portal
MyGriffeye User Portal is the gateway to a large and active community of users, developers and other stakeholders. You can exchange advice with your fellow Griffeye users, provide feedback on the platform and take advantage of a vast number of community-generated plug-ins.


Griffeye Forensic Market
An extensive digital marketplace gives you access to valuable apps developed by Griffeye and by third-party developers – allowing you to add new functionality as your needs change.


Griffeye BRAIN
The first release of our AI module, Griffeye Brain, actively scans materials in order to identify and flag child sexual abuse material. This intelligent technology — featuring algorithms trained on real data — determines whether or not a file is pertinent to an investigation. This helps investigators focus on what’s important and move faster in identifying victims.


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