Analyze CS Operations


Share intelligence and crack cases
Whether you’re working in a local, regional or special office, Analyze Collaboration Server Operations makes it possible to seamlessly share intelligence and tackle cases. Skip the grunt work and focus everyone’s efforts on what’s important thanks to a sophisticated toolkit for processing, sorting and analyzing huge volumes of image and video files.

For group efforts on individual cases, CS Operations gives you and your colleagues a digital base of operations for reviewing and analyzing materials.




Top Features

  • Process and analyze
    With the best-available image and video processing you can import everything from CCTV to native forensic image formats and start analyzing them straightaway.
  • Automate and dectect critical clues
    Material is automatically identified and tagged allowing you to prioritize. Critical clues are flagged to ensure that you always catch the details that help crack the case.
  • Innovative video review and analysis
    The tool splits up, speeds and prioritizes video footage. Looking through vast amounts of video has never been faster and more precise.
  • Identify relationships
    See the patterns clearly and identify relationships in the collected data across a wide range of analysis tools.
  • Visualize and review
    Intuitive and easy-to-use from the start, Analyze DI lets you quickly and easily categorize, prioritize and review complex information to ensure high-quality results.
  • Scale to your needs
    Analyze DI has the power and capacity to rapidly and intelligently process huge volumes and deliver fast, accurate results.

Resources included in Analyze CS Operations

MyGriffeye – User Portal
MyGriffeye User Portal is the gateway to a large and active community of users, developers and other stakeholders. You can exchange advice with your fellow Griffeye users, provide feedback on the platform and take advantage of a vast number of community-generated plug-ins.


Griffeye Forensic Market
An extensive digital marketplace gives you access to valuable apps developed by Griffeye and by third-party developers – allowing you to add new functionality as your needs change.


Griffeye BRAIN
The first release of our AI module, Griffeye Brain, actively scans materials in order to identify and flag child sexual abuse material. This intelligent technology — featuring algorithms trained on real data — determines whether or not a file is pertinent to an investigation. This helps investigators focus on what’s important and move faster in identifying victims.


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