Deeper Insights from Dynamic Investigations


Why You Want It

The hurdles in digital investigations are fierce: data sets that continue to grow in size, diversity and complexity, combined with limited resources. AccessData® is reimagining investigations to help you uncover critical evidence faster, make more meaningful connections across data and build stronger cases.

With the addition of Quin-C, a pioneering new technology from AccessData, you can empower investigative teams at every skill level to conduct and close more accurate, advanced investigations faster than ever before.

Quin-C elevates the AccessData solutions you already know and trust, to give you maximum control over the way you process, locate, analyze and report on key pieces of data. Using leading-edge tools including cross-case search and multi-case analysis, collaboration, automation and data visualization in a feature-rich, HTML5 UI, Quin-C delivers groundbreaking technology to maximize the output of investigative, forensic, IT and legal teams alike. In combination with AccessData core products, Quin-C provides the fastest, most scalable solutions on the market today.


Transformative Environment

Empowered Investigators

Dynamic Investigations

Quin-C dramatically improves efficiency and throughput with next-generation features that guide current and future investigations, expand processing options, enable you to visualize data and allow collaboration across teams.

Quin-C’s leading-edge tools empower you to form meaningful connections and discover insights within, between and across cases for accelerated, advanced investigations.

Quin-C continually evolves to respond to the dynamic needs of investigations, with a flexible HTML5, widget-based environment that’s expandable and highly customizable to match experience and skills.



Features built around you

Cross-Case Search and Multi-Case Analysis

Use Quin-C to connect the dots across data sets and automatically surface deeper, cross-evidence insights. Cross-case search tools and multi-case analysis capabilities enable you to find, manipulate and view case data as though it all came from the same source.


Integrated Data Visualization

Quin-C timelines, geographic mapping, charts and link analysis are fully integrated and interactive to make large, diverse data sets digestible. Wherever appropriate, visualizations support playback controls so the investigator can get a real sense of how events transpired.


Powerful Investigative Assistance

Quin-C’s offers advanced forensics tools that learn from past cases and make it easier to locate, understand and report on key pieces of data. With machine-learning capabilities, in hours — not weeks or days — Quin-C reveals new connections that potentially sharpen your focus and direction. 


Integrated Infrastructure in an HTML5 UI

As digital environments grow increasingly complex and broad, so do your investigations. But that doesn’t mean your investigative environment has to be complicated. Make the right environment accessible to any member on your team, with a fully integrated, customizable widget-based HTML5 interface. And Quin-C is fully compatible to operate independently from or in conjunction with your existing AccessData solutions.



Task Collaboration and Automation

Quin-C offers groundbreaking tools for establishing workflows, automating tasks and collaborating across teams to help you maximize resources and productivity. 


Seamless Third-Party Parser Integrations

Optional integrations with phone, chat and image recognition parsing technologies — from industry leaders Belkasoft®, Compelson® and Google™ — let you quickly extract digital evidence from multiple sources.

Capabilities to Empower You

  • Comprehensive, integrated digital investigation solution supports the unique, dynamic workflows of investigative, IT and legal teams and forensics labs.

  • Machine-learning capabilities let you leverage past investigations to improve future outcomes.

  • Cross-case search and multi-case analysis tools discover patterns and relationships across data sets in a way humans can’t.

  • Task collaboration and automation features support and guide your unique workflow, so you can maximize the skills of your entire staff.

  • Innovative distributed processing capabilities allow for more tactical, targeted processing.

  • Integrated, interactive data visualization tools — timelines, maps, charts and link analysis — help you understand your data and investigate your case.

  • Robust and growing ecosystem promotes extended capabilities through seamless integrations with Belkasoft®, Compelson® and Google™ image recognition

  • Advanced UI customization lets you match layout and permissions to specific investigations and specific users.

  • Fast, near-native document viewers make documents and data appear almost exactly as they would in their native applications

  • Lit hold capabilities let you leverage custodian tools, generate notifications and track custodian activity with a templated email server system.

  • Targeted collection tools let you cull and filter datasets to isolate responsive data and avoid excessive collection of irrelevant data.

  • Advanced database analysis capabilities enable SQL commands so you can explore data at the deepest level; C# code injection produces efficient targeted searching.

  • No plugins or installs required to use Quin-C’s powerful, web-based HTML5 environment.

  • Open interface widgets let you select exactly the functionality you need and offer simple, straightforward upgrades ― no waiting for a major software release.


Free 30-Day Quin-C Trial

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