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The mh Service GmbH

With more than 20 years’ experience, mh SERVICE GmbH is one of today’s leading providers and suppliers of products and services related to IT forensics. Europe’s only forensics supplier with its own hardware development and manufacturing departments.

As a partner of all current market leaders of forensic hardware and software, mh SERVICE can provide you with the full range of high-end storage and network solutions from a single source. We offer solutions from smaller devices, through to workstations, servers, right up to fool-proof Unix multi-processor clusters of the highest performance for research and science applications and full mobile forensics labs. Our customers include federal and government agencies, Police, European and International authorities, medium-sized companies, large companies, institutions and universities.


Milestones in our company history:

  • First contract signed with the German government to supply portable-PCs
  • Shortly followed by an expansion of our services to include:

High Performance Cluster Labs, High Availability Storage Solutions
The manufacture of our own metal cased Portable-PC, the „ATLAS Series“

  • For the turn of the century we started a new hardware development and production for a different kind of hardware for the IT-Forensics world
  • Became one of Tableaus’ biggest re-sellers for forensic hardware
  • High demand for our TreCorders, AntAnalyzers and special hardware systems led to further development and higher product runs
  • First contracts for digital forensics laboratories for data recovery signed by Interpol
  • Development of the unique, fully equipped and completely independent mobile truck based IT-Forensics Laboratory ‘Paladin’, enabling forensic investigations to be carried out directly on-site.

Other recent developments include:

  • The opening of our new company head-quarters
  • Opening of our fully equipped ‘in house’ training centre for Digital Forensics and Data Recovery
  • Completion of the ‘Lab Cube’ – the evolution of ‘Paladin’ – a fully operational independent mobile IT-forensic laboratory in transportable container form
  • Further expansion of our forensic vehicle production - with more new, original unique in planning
  • The creation of  innovative cluster systems, such as Password Recovery Accelerator Clusters
  • New Data Recovery Lab on-site at our new company HQ based in Kandel

We work hand in hand with 99% of all IT-forensic manufacturers.

Our primary objective is to cater for your individual needs and offer the best service possible by our well trained and professional employees. We are constantly improving our products, making sure they will always be at the highest level of technology and innovation.
In addition, we are a high-end hardware manufacturer, guaranteeing long life spans for our products and offering exceptionally long warranties.

We welcome you to join in our success and we look forward to working with you.  



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