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RI System

Remote Imaging System
The flexibally scalable RI-System consists of three logical units:

  • Triple Imaging Shelf (TIS)
  • Server/Storage Unit (SU)
  • Remote Terminal (RT).

The advantages of the RI-System are its flexibility, its ability to cater for special wishes, and the possibility of seperating the units and its high scalability.
For example you can intergrate the server into an existing server room, use it with the existing storage systems, and monitor the TIS units from your work place. From the comfort of your desk you can easily make an ‘image’ of the suspect device and store it, whilst simultaneously examining the investigators previously stored data. Connecting it via fibre optic cable gives you a distance of up to 50 meters, which can easily be covered. The system is controlled remotely by either a special terminal, a workstation, or with your laptop. Through ‘clustering’ RI-systems can be freely ‘scaled’ and adopted to individual needs.


  • USB 3.0 Extender:
    • 3 x 2 port USB 3.0 to Fiber Extender
  • Peripheries:
    • 1 x 19’’ Rack mount display KVM Console
  • Software:
    • Windows Server 2016, Linux 64-bit or Dual Boot

 Technical Specs

 Server / Storage Unit (SU)
 Case  2 U server chassis with rack mount kit
 Power supply
 Redundant power supply 920W
 Mainboard  Dual socket LGA 3647 supports Intel® Xeon® Intel® chipset
 CPU  2 x Xeon scalable CPU
 RAM  up to 2 TB DDR4 RAM
 Data HDD  2 x 512GB SSD in RAID 1 as system drive
 Data RAID  12 x 3.5″” hot-swap drive bays up to 120 TB
 Data Cache
 SSD al cache/swap drive for acceleration
 Ports  3 x USB 3.0; 4x USB 3.1; 2 x Gigabit LAN
Triple Imaging Shelf (TIS)
 Case  2 x 19’’ 2 U rack mount
 1 x 19’’ 1 U switch and control unit
 Forensic Bridge  (2x) 3 x Tableau T356789iu
 Cooling tray  (2x) 3 x ICE TRAY 5.25’’, the Basic Edition consists of 2 Triple Imaging Shelves