mhc-Systems - Laboratory on Wheels


The fully equipped, independent mobile IT-forensic laboratory

The LabCube is just one version of our already produced mobile forensic laboratory truck series. Every size is possible, from transporter to semi-trailer container. The dimensions of the vehicles can vary, as well as the body, the interior, the outfitting and the design. Intelligent room concepts combined with excellent hardware and software components, are co-ordinated with the customer in advance assuring
an efficient workflow.
The LabCube is the only completely independent forensic laboratory, which comes in a high-end roll-off cube on a truck with multilift-system.


  • The autonomous LabCube has its own electric generator and can be placed anywhere you need for your IT-forensic investigations.
  • The unique swing rack allows the operation of drives and servers during the ride
  • Shock absorbers make sure that the roughness of any road is balanced out while the vehicle is in motion
  • Fully equipped office with four workstations, a conference table, large presentation screen
  • Kitchen equipped with refrigerator, microwave, sink and coffee machine.
  • Up to 4 fully equipped workplaces with workstations, screens, writeblockers, etc.
  • Rack mounted servers 19”
  • Rack mounted storages 19”
  • Independent network with optional WIFI
  • Network and mobile phone intrusion detection
  • Mobile phone forensics
  • CD DVD BluRay robot
  • Duplex document scanner & printer
  • Meeting table with screen
  • Internet connection via satellite or GSM/UMTS
  • Integrated current AC generator (power supply for several days)
  • Own batteries to supply the LabCube with power for up to 8 hours
  • Hardware possibilities: all products from mh-Service (19“)