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Data Recovery System

Maximum Performance with High-End Quality
The portable Data Recovery System is the highest performing portable device in the world for mobile digital evidence collection, HDD/SSD repair, and data recovery in the field of computer forensics.
The Data Recovery System is equipped with three internal writeblocking devices, the Tableau Forensic Universal Bridge (T356789iu), for read-only PCIe-, IDE-, SATA-, SAS-, USB 3.0 and FireWire media as well as a PC3000 Express card (4 SATA Ports, 2 PATA Ports, UDMA 133).
PC3000 Express is the fastest and most efficient hardware/software solution for data revocery of damaged drives with SATA (Serial ATA) or PATA (IDE), for drives from variousmanufacturers, with capacities from 500 MB to 6 TB and with different systems.It is possible to recover data from four systems at the same time.

Optimized for simultaneous imaging / cloning of three source drives using Windows or LINUX with: 52,2 GB/m = 3,13 TB/h


  • Software:
    • Windows 64 bit (8.1 / 10)
    • Optional Linux 64 bit
  • Forensic Imaging Tools:
    • AccessData FTK-Imager
    • Tableau Imager
    • “TIM” (Windows)
    • EnCase Imager
    • Guymager (Linux)
  • Accessory: 
    • ICE Bay external cooler for suspected drives
  • Transport:
    • Hard transportation case with inlet for device & equipment

 Technical Specs

 Intel X299 Chipset Workstation Edition
 CPU  Intel Xeon Scalable or Intel i7/i9
 RAM  32 GB DDR4 RAM (up to 128 GB)
 Video Card  PCI-Express HD video card
 System SSD  512 GB in removable tray
 Destination Storage  6 TB internal storage, hot-swap (up to 30 TB)
 Optical Drive  DVD-RW slim line external