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Capture forensic evidence from mobile devices
The CellCube is a BeeCube with preconfigured Cellebrite Software. It enables the most technologically advanced extraction, decoding, analysis and reporting of mobile data. It performs physical, logical, file system and password extraction of all data (even deleted) from the widest range of devices including legacy and feature phones, smartphones, portable GPS devices, tablets and phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets.

Optimized for mobile forensics: Touch screen and intuitive GUI Designed in purpose of efficient work flow and fast processing Unrevealed device support:
BlackBerry, iOS, Andrtoid, Nokia, Symbian, Microsoft Mobile, Palm, phones with Chinese chipsets (add-on) and more.

Physical extraction, decoding and analysis of invaluable data: Call history, SMS messages, contacts, calendar, email, chat, media files, geo tags, passwords, location
information (WIFI, cell tower and navigation applications) GPS fixes etc.


  • Forensic:
    • T356789iu Forensic PCIe/SATA/IDE/ SAS/USB/FireWire Combo Bridge
    • ICE Bay cooler for suspect’s drives
    • External forensic media card reader
  • Software:
    • Windows 64 bit ( 8.1 / 10 )
    • UFED 4 PC Ultimate
  • Forensic Imaging Tools:
    • AccessData FTK-Imager
    • Tableau Imager
    • “TIM” (Windows)
    • EnCase Imager
    • Guymager (Linux)
  • Transport:
    • Hard transportation case (Trolley) for machine & equipment

Keyboard, mouse and all cables and adapters are included.

 Technical Specs

 200 mm x 326 mm x 260 mm
 8” touchscreen
 CPU  Intel i7 newest generation
 RAM  16 GB
 System SSD  256 GB SSD
 Destination Storage  2 to 10TB (3,5”) hot-swap in backplane
 Weight:  ~ 14 lbs.